In case of dental emergency we are available 7 days a week.

Please call Encinitas Dental Group at (760) 753-5544 at any time – you will be put in touch with Dr. Davis, who will determine the next step in getting you feeling better and your dental health back on track.


Dental trauma involving a lost tooth is a dental emergency.

Dental trauma involving a lost tooth is a dental emergency, and needs to be addressed immediately (ideally within the hour). If injury causes a permanent tooth to fall out please do the following-

  • gently clean your tooth in water, holding by the crown (top), not the root (bottom)- do not scrub.
  • replace your tooth in the socket if possible, and hold in place with clean gauze/cloth. If you’re unable to replace your tooth store it in a clean container with milk, or water. You can also store your tooth in your cheek.
  • call our office immediately at (760) 753-5544.

For a broken tooth due to injury call Encinitas Dental Group promptly. If you are able to find the broken tooth fragment rinse and store it in a clean container, and bring with you when you come to the office.


Call our office promptly | (760) 753-5544

If you are experiencing prolonged swelling or pain call our office promptly, as this may indicate a dental abscess/infection. You may use over-the-counter medication for pain. We suggest you have the name of your preferred pharmacy available in the event that Dr Davis needs to prescribe you an antibiotic.